Saturday, April 25, 2009

This Week's Feature Artist - Loni Hosking

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Check out Loni - owner of Eco boutique, one of a kind clothing designs, this Saturday at the return of the Art Flea.

Also, tune in to hear Rich, co-operator of the Art Flea, on KKFI at 10:15 this Wednesday. See you soon!

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R.A. Collins said...

As a regular patron of Ecobotiquo, I urge all fashionista to stop in and see Loni's latest creations. With money tight now a days, it's nice to get real use out of conscientious art made from renewable resources. Loni's wearables have soul and will leave their imprint on you and all who see you. For a one of a kind art experience that you can share with all and not just those stop by the house to view your latest dust catcher, buy Ecobotiquo.