Sunday, April 5, 2009

Counting down ! 4 Weeks till - Scratch the Itch

From Recently Updated
Check out this week's featured artist - Kahra Graebner. She creates hand knitted soft sculptures of the funny persuasion (slugs, kittens, crabs, aliens etc.) Look for her on May 2nd at the Art Flea located on 16th and Holmes.

We are gearing up the ArtsTech center to welcome back the Art Flea Market. We have gotten a few more tables, many new vendors, and a lot of curious visitors to our website. New this year we have added food vendors and new vendors bringing more repurposed vintage items, one of a kind clothing, glass art, cards and calendars.

Vendors, still plenty of time to sign up for the first day of the Art Flea. You can sign up for a booth at any time throughout the Flea by sending me an application located on the Right Side of this page under "Info for Artists."

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