Tuesday, February 17, 2009

An Itch You Can Afford to Scratch...

The Art Flea Market will return May 2, 2009. Running EVERY Saturday from 10am - 5pm, the Art Flea will feature artist vendors from the KC Metro Area.

Why do we believe in the Art Flea?
We are artists. We recognize that the state of economy is hurting creative entrepreneurs. We know that by working smarter, pooling our resources and efforts; collectively we can help to sustain local creative businesses. Also, the general public needs inexpensive access to the arts and cultural events. The Art Flea provides just that; a cheap venue, free parking, small business marketing and entertainment draw, and above all families can rub elbows with some of Kansas City's finest artisans.

We are now looking for commitments from vendors (at $25 per Saturday) selling arts, crafts, good quality vintage goods, music, and a select number of food vendors selling products priced from $1 - $50. Fill out the application on the right under "Info for Artists" and email it to info@artfleakc.com.

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