Friday, November 21, 2008

Hope for Change? Invest in Your Community

As we gear up to reluctantly spend our hard earned dollars on gifts for the holidays; let's keep in mind that those dollars we spend have a voice and power to uplift our community. Buying locally made products, especially products made from recycled or repurposed materials, contributes positively to the health of our neighborhoods.

The Original Art Flea Market, located at the corner of 16th and Holmes KCMO, was created by two small nonprofits as a means to support the KC Metro community economically and to provide resources for our local artists. ArtsTech is providing a large indoor gallery space for artists to rent a booth cheaply ($20). Storytellers Inc. is managing the event. Together, the nonprofits are investing those booth fees in marketing the Original Art Flea to the public, hoping to expand eastward the boundaries of the Crossroads Art District.

Every Saturday 9am - 2pm until Dec. 20th, over 20 artists are offering up unique handmade items such as clothing, accessories, jewelry, soaps and candles, and bringing in funky rare vintage items all priced from $1 to $50. The public is invited to this unique family oriented shopping experience for free to peruse the selections and find one of a kind gifts that are easy on the wallet. Items are under $50 but you can easily get a hand full of goodies for under $5.

The Original Art Flea Market is located just three short blocks East of the new green KC Star Building at 1522 Holmes. The phone number is 816-461-0201. More about ArtsTech can be found at and Storytellers Inc. at

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